Sick of the news?

Maybe because I am a sea lover this article caught my eye! I know it’s not exactly the time to be thinking of swimming, surfing or expecting a surf lifesaver to be on duty, but this article depicts not just metaphorically, a wave of humanity, where dozens of beach-goers formed a human chain in the Gulf of Mexico to rescue a group of swimmers caught in a powerful riptide.

Staying on the theme of the collective support of people; what do you do if you’re going through a really difficult time? Such as when a family member is being treated for cancer, or a mental health issue has affected someone and things are unfairly overwhelming? Gather your crew! This free online tool helps you to organise the help others may offer you.

Reachout also provides a range of resources to provide online support. You may want to surprise your young person by asking them to have a look at and analyse this range of apps and websites that support health and wellbeing.  Some students I consult with have found some of them useful (or you make like them yourself!) Many parents ask me about supporting your children in their online world and this resource from Reachout discusses, ‘Raising teenagers in the digital world’.

Camp run by Anglicare for students dealing with grief and loss

I’ve known of some students who have attended this camp and although daunted by the thought…. told me, “it wasn’t heavy…. just really good”.  This flyer outlines the program, which responds to teenagers working through bereavement in their immediate family. The camp (Aug 26-28) does not force young people forced to talk about anything they do not want to. The aim of the camp is to bring teenagers together who are living with a similar loss and give them the opportunity to remember the person who has died and talk with other teens.

There is no official counseling undertaken on the camp but often just being around others with a similar story can be extremely beneficial to them. This connection with others can be continued after camp so they always have a support network on tap. For those interested there is a meeting prior to camp on Tuesday evening of the 16 August at the Anglicare Hindmarsh office on Port Rd 8301 4208.

Keep warm, swim in the sea and turn off the news!

Carolyn Markey

School Counsellor