Join us for the P&F AGM!

Well it is certainly ‘full steam ahead’ for my family – how about yours?  Those holidays seem like a lifetime ago…

The Parents and Friends are holding our Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 22 August at 7.00pm in the boardroom at Retreat House. This is our opportunity to reflect on the past twelve months of activity, including our fundraising efforts, and to set our goals and targets for the year ahead. It is also the time to recognise the efforts of our committee members, and for us to organise and confirm office bearers and members for the next twelve months.  If you are interested in joining the P&F, or would like to know more about the involvement and what it entails, I encourage you to send us an email and we can fill you in. We have a great group of engaged and enthusiastic parents, and always welcome new faces and fresh ideas, so come and join us!

The invitations for the Mothers and Daughters ‘Makeup Look and Learn’ session (to be held on Friday 25 August) went out recently, and I am hearing a lovely buzz amongst the female members of our community about coming along to what should be a very sophisticated and professional evening. Please register for this sooner than later, as we do have limited numbers and need to make sure we know exact numbers in advance as we are making gifts for each of the attendees. This invitation is available here.

It has also been quite exciting to start the early stages of planning for next year’s Gala Ball – we are in the process of locking in a date and a venue and we will be able to provide information over the next twelve months as we organise this event… so much fun!  The wonderful Tracey Bryans has again offered to lead this committee, and she has a team of helpers that are full of great ideas, so watch this space…

So between events, school sports, band practice, Cabaret and Elder Hall, my diary is pretty full – how about yours???

Catherine Shepherd

Chairperson, Parents and Friends Committee