Innovation and enterprise in the Middle School

Last week our wonderful new theatre saw a fantastic celebration of creativity, innovation, living beyond yourself, individual passions, problem identification and budding entrepreneurship. I’m not talking about the Parent Choir rehearsal but rather the Y8 Ctrl Alt Design Finals! Run like a New Inventors show, each finalist presented their design, the journey along the way, and the learning they had made. The new John Bray Centre for Performing Arts was cosily filled with supportive parents, staff and of course the esteemed judging panel or Mr Ian Armitage and Ms Jessica Edwards who brought experience and expertise in developing creativity and innovation in others in relation to design, technology, business and enterprise.

These finalists were all winners in that they had persevered, learnt from mistakes, gone ‘back to the drawing board’ and literally won or earnt a wildcard from their earlier presentation to their Home Group.

On the night, the podium went to;

1st Joel Ransom – designed supportive ice-pack orthotics the prevent heel injury

2nd Alexandra Murphy – designed a solar charging instrument for electronic devices

3rd and People’s Choice Neve Davis  – designed a sensory blanket for dementia sufferers

Other designs included;

  • a mobile dog hydrating system (the real pet was on hand to showcase this!), Cancer detecting system
  • Netball skill development aid
  • A rack of designed t-shirts
  • Book on Adelaide street art
  • Educational video on vision impaired sport
  • Songs, animations, murals
  • A dog kennel
  • Desk made from salvaged materials
  • An app for allergy sufferers to use when making shopping decisions
  • An anxiety reducing support pack
  • Airline travel kit
  • Sensor lights

Developing agency, learning to identify problems, then act – leading to entrepreneurship and looking for and creating opportunities and pathways – these are all tenets of our Middle School experience and indeed our Soaring pedagogy was showcased beautifully. Congratulations to these winners who have embraced this and modelled for others.

Moreover, thank you to all students who took on the challenge and grew from it – whether you realise it or not, you have inspired others.

Ben Clark

Head of Middle School