Health and Wellbeing at the ELC

At this time of the year with colds and flu germs abounding we are encouraging the children to remember to blow their nose, cough and sneeze with care and to wash hands thoroughly. If children are unwell please let them have a rest day at home. Please phone or email absentees through to the Early Learning Centre. If ELC staff need to administer any MEDICATION it must be in the original container, with the pharmacy label clearly showing the doctors recommended dosage. Parents also need to sign a form in advance of staff adminstering medication. Please remember that for all children’s safety medications must be given to staff on arrival, not stay in a child’s school bag. We are also grateful for donations of tissues to cope with this winter season!

Donations of kitchen sponges is also a great help. We colour code our sponges for health and safety.

So please look for

  • Pink and Green-  To be used for Dishes and Sinks (adults)
  • Blue – Floor and Paints (adults and children)
  • Yellow- Children’s use on tables, chairs and dishes.

As a part of our risk minimisation practice, we would like to remind parents that we have children attending our centre who have been diagnosed with life threatening anaphylaxis to nuts and eggs.

The ELC is a NUT AWARE centre. Before entering and when packing lunches please do not provide any food containing these ingredients;

  • Peanuts
  • Egg
  • Egg in baked goods
  • Peanut paste
Nut breads or loaves
  • Nutella
  • Health / muesli bars with nuts

Ensure children and siblings wash their hands and face before attending our Centre if these products have been consumed in the morning, to help prevent 
accidental contact.

Fresh fruit is preferable but dried fruit, dry biscuits and cheese, sandwiches and vegetables other than carrots (which can be a choking hazard) are fine. During this wintery weather a small thermos with soup or pasta is a great alternative. In line with current dietary advice on children’s nutrition, we acknowledge that there are ‘sometimes’ foods such as homemade muffins which may appear in lunchboxes from time to time. However we do not encourage the inclusion of sweets, sweet pre-packaged biscuits and cakes for snacks.

We endeavour to instill in your children healthy life style choices including good nutrition and hydration. Consequently roll-ups, muesli bars, Tiny Teddy’s, chips, and cordials are also not suitable.

We ask children to bring their own named water bottle which they may help themselves to at any stage of the session. Water is the healthiest choice for optimum brain function and therefore we aim to set this model early by allowing only water at the centre.

Donations – help required!

The tradition of children preparing a slice of bread, butter and vegemite continues in both buildings. The children love this and it is a great way to extend their independence – in recognizing when they are hungry and what to do about it, responsibility for their environment – by washing up their own utensils, and respect for others – by waiting until there is a spare place on the table and only taking one piece of bread at a time. While children are still honing their spreading skills we go through an amazing amount of ‘butter’ and vegemite! We seek parent donations of Nuttelex spread and vegemite for our sandwich making tradition to continue.

A special thank you to Baker’s Delight, Blackwood, for their kind donation of bread each week. We prefer Baker’s Delight bread for the children as it is free of artificial preservatives.

If you have any questions regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact me via email.

Many thanks for your continued support.

Gay Illingworth

ELC Director