Developing empathy at the ELC with Daffodil Day

It’s a sad fact that half of all Australians will be diagnosed with cancer by the age of 85. Thankfully, cancer research has made some extraordinary breakthroughs over the years, and treatments are getting more successful all the time (Cancer Council). By supporting Daffodil Day the Cancer Council can continue to fund it’s vital work in research, support services, prevention programs and advocacy. It is in small ways we can all contribute, whether a gold coin or $50 every bit helps.

The Early Learning Centre hosts Daffodil Week annually, taking this opportunity to build student’s awareness, develop a sense of altruism in doing something for others and throughout the year practicing the preventative measure of applying sunscreen according to the daily UV level. There is always much excitement surrounding this event as the Centre comes alive in a cacophony of colour with the children dressed in all shades of yellow. Adorned with ribbons in hair and headbands, T-shirts and sundresses or complete costumes of favoured characters from Paw Patrol, Power Rangers or popular princesses the children certainly embrace the moment.

In the heart of winter with misty mornings, a little rain and a definite chill in the air the sea of yellow is almost warming, bringing to the fore just how remarkable nature is with the daffodil being one of the first flowers of Spring, symbolising ‘hope’ and new life.

An array of activities compliment the week adding to the aesthetics and promoting skills

  • fine motor control and stamina cutting paper daffodils;
  • patience and turn taking waiting to board the Daffodil Train;
  • Grace and Courtesy purchasing daffodils in the Florist shop;
  • Balance and coordination dancing;
  • Building Numeracy through sorting and counting donations, and
  • Prompting communication, describing meaning behind your chosen outfit.

A big thank you to all for supporting ‘Daffodil Week’, from your kind donations and purchases of Daffodil items we have raised an amazing $467 for the Cancer Council!

Kate Burns