Building on success in the Middle School

Welcome to the second half of the 2017 Middle School year. I trust that you and your family have been able to share some time together over the break and that your child has been able to focus on other interests as well as reenergise in preparation for a challenging, comprehensive and ultimately fulfilling semester ahead.

Semester 1 would have provided highs and lows, failures and success for all; academically, with co-curricular pursuits and socially. These failures and lows, when actively learnt from, are critically important aspects to a successful school year and the positive development of young adolescents. Both the School and families continue to support the students to look back on what their reports say. However, wider than that to their own understanding of their efforts, organisation, prioritising, use of teachers, support of peers and contribution to the school community, I am confident that this feedback – when internalised and acted upon into this new semester – will be critically useful to support further learning and development. I encourage all students to see their teachers as supporters of their interests, activators of their learning, and to at all times use them – ask questions, seek clarification, chunk tasks, provide extension. Lastly, we are all pastoral carers for your children so also please encourage them to communicate on any matter that they may need support with, in collaboration with you.

The myriad special events, sporting and performing arts happenings and service foci over the upcoming semester are too numerous to list here, however will be communicated about as they arise (I will simply highlight some events and information below). Additionally, I would like to continue to promote the wonderful achievements of our students and therefore the example and inspiration this can provide to others. Therefore, to that end, I encourage the students (or you) to inform me of such achievements via email so that they can be shared at our assemblies and other forums.

Some events and information at a glance:

Year 7

  • Experiential curriculum continues with specialist subject rotations of: Art/Philosophy/Design & Tech/Drama RAVE/IT/Music
  • An evening information session to support students with elective selections for Y8 will take place this semester (more on this closer to the time).

Year 8

  • Ctrl Alt Design project presentations in Home Groups took place this week. Finalists to re-present to a judging panel, with parents in the audience, Week 3 (separate letter for finalists to come)
  • Middle School student leadership positions for 2017 to be opened and elected during the semester
  • Applications and creation of the team for The Journey, Vietnam 2018 Y9 to be conducted during the semester. Once again, this year’s journey team had an incredible personal and group experience and will report as such shortly to the student community to share and also perhaps inspire future travellers for subsequent journeys.
  • An evening information session to support students with elective selections for Y8 will take place this semester (more on this closer to the time).

Year 9

  • Camp in the Flinders Ranges, including solo as part of The Rite Journey in Week 7
  • Planning and operation of end of year Y9 special event to mark the completion of Middle School and transition to Senior School.

Finally, I encourage you to speak with your children about their academic studies and wellbeing program themes over the semester, what they are learning, what they are finding challenging, the feedback they are implementing and please do not hesitate to communicate with the teachers at any point in the semester.

Ben Clark

Head of Middle School