Journeys in the Middle School

Our Year 7s have been on a journey of significant learning and adaptation as they have negotiated their first semester of Middle School. The contribution, life and energy they have added to our Middle School, with considering how all this time they have been on a huge transitional journey from their Junior School years to this campus and the arrangements and happenings with which that entails, has been noticeable. I have great expectations for this group over the coming years and thank them for their individual and collective work.

Right in the middle of their Middle School journey, Year 8 students are at various points along their individual Creativity Projects, which began mid Term 1, and are encouraged to make the most of the last weeks they have to finalise these in preparation for sharing with their Home Groups in Week 2 next term.

Thinking globally, this week the Middle School farewelled the team of Year 9 students who will represent them on an international journey. This Saturday, the group, along with staff Jess Edwards and myself, depart for ‘The Journey’ to Vietnam. This trip runs for two weeks and promises to be a demanding and rewarding experience. From what I experienced first-hand last year, I expect there to be humbling challenges and incredible interactions, sights, sounds, smells, tastes, highs, service, cultural learning, strengthening of relationships and personal growth. The students who applied, were selected and have prepared for the trip have already begun their journey – building resilience, working with others, having a global perspective and taking on great responsibility including with fundraising for the Vietnamese charities we support. Much of the personal growth to be derived from this trip will complement the passage that all Year 9’s have been undertaking this year through the wonderful Rite Journey course. I will write more about the Vietnam experience for our students upon our return.

Moreover, all students are supported and guided to embrace the journey of school learning in a reflective, contemplative and then active manner. Assessments have been taking place, feedback is being provided and soon reports will be out. Learning is a journey, with risks, failures and success along the way. As with the Vietnam trip, if students embrace the support of others, use their reports and assessments as opportunities to learn, to make changes and to affirm their work, then they will travel far.

I thoroughly look forward to the challenge of the second half of the year and thank all parents for your support of your child’s learning and of your child’s teachers as we strive together for the positive development of all in our school community.

Ben Clark

Head of Middle School