Building relationships across the Junior Campus

St John’s certainly is a wonderful community to be a part of and there are many reasons for this. One reason is the strong relationships that are built across the year levels. This year all Junior Primary students have been allocated to a house and for the first time we have had a whole Junior School sports day. The Junior Primary students were also involved in the selection of the House Leaders. Our weekly assembly is also a great way for our school community to get together and celebrate successes, share our learning, come together in prayer and song and share some of our musical and dramatic talents. We have regular Chapel services and each term several whole Junior School Chapel services. Next Wednesday we will be having a Pentecostal service for the Junior School. Another important program that runs across the school is the Buddy Program. Each younger year level is buddied up with another year level and the students undertake a range of activities together. The buddy program is mutually beneficial for both lots of students. The younger students learn from the older and become familiar with other students. The older students learn skills of peer tutoring, patience and more patience. It is wonderful to watch the relationships develop and the excitement of the younger students when they get reacquainted with their buddies each time.

Some of the activities that are undertaken as part of the Buddy program are:

  • The Reception and Year 4 buddies have designed a time machine and then made the time machines out of boxes.
  • The Year 4 buddies have also been supporting the Reception in learning how to use their surface pros for literacy and numeracy games and activities.
  • The Year 3 and ELC buddies have visited each other and had some outdoor play they also created some nature mandalas using twigs, leaves, flowers and shells.
  • They have also been reading books in the library and drawing their favourite scenes as well as doing collage, painting, construction and Easter Activities.
  • Year 6 and Year 2 have been upskilling their buddies with digital technology skills and peer mentoring as well as shared Guided Inquiry, craft activities and shared reading.
  • Year 1 and Year 5 have made their own ‘Walk Safely to School’ Posters, made an all about me poster, and the big buddies have read to little buddies.

Sci World

Last week Sci World came to do a show for the Year 1 and 4 students

In Science the Year Ones are looking at the changes that occur in landscape and sky. As part of our Science investigations, they had a special incursion. ‘Seeing Stars in our StarDome’ is a session run by SciWorld. The Stardome is a portable, inflatable planetarium. The students were able to crawl inside this planetarium and discover the universe around them. Topics covered included day and night, seasons, stars, planets, solar system, gravity, phases of the moon and constellations. This was an interactive experience enabling the students to participate by asking questions and making observations about space.

It was a great incursion loved by all.

Christian Ministry at Chapel

Last week the Christian Ministry ran our Chapel services in the Junior School. The services were lively and really well received by the students. Thank you Chaplain Paula for organising this.

Dream Big Festival Design Challenge

As part of the Dream Big Festival Year 3 participated in a 3D Design Challenge. As part of the challenge, Year 3 students used Maker’s Empire 3D design software to design and character. The Character, Squidgiboo  was designed by Liv Tijdhof and Elizabeth Perry in 3A. It was printed by Makers Empire and sent to a Year 2 class at Burnside Primary as part of the exchange program. We received their design and sent some photos of our students with the design. Congratulations 3A on a great design and project!

Kristin Sporting and Cultural Exchange

This week the Year 6 students have been participating in a Sporting and Cultural Exchange with students from Kristin School in New Zealand. The students participated in games of Soccer, Netball, Hockey and Basketball against Scotch College, Westminster School and Kristin School. The games were hosted at Scotch College and the carnival was a great way for students to participate in sport, learn new skills and make new friends. We also hope to have some follow up activities through the use of digital technologies with the students from Kristin. Thank you Simon Laube, Joyanne Gardner and Veronika Crilley for your work in organising this great experience for the students.

Nicholas Smith

Deputy Head of Junior School