Week 4 Update from the Principal

Safety Improvements

We were very pleased to be informed by the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure that safety will soon be improved for motorists and pedestrians at the Main Road junctions with Gooch Court, Penno Parade North and Downer Avenue, Belair.

Of particular importance for our students is that a pedestrian refuge will be built on Main Road between Penno Parade North and Downer Avenue. This means that students who catch a train at the Pinera station will now be able to walk down Penno Parade North and cross Main Road much more safely. Until it is completed they should still use the crossings at the Belair triangle.

This work has arisen from consultation with the local community and the City of Mitcham. The work is planned to be completed by the end of June and will also involve indentations for Bus Stop 24 and turning lanes for traffic. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the consultation. For further information, please read their letter or view the concept plans.

Meningococcal B Vaccine Herd Immunity Study

Our Senior School students have been invited to be involved in this research project that will test the theory that Meningococcal B incidence is reduced if the community is immunized against it. Success can only be measured if there is a large take up of the trial and could lead to the vaccination being provided free of charge by the Government in the future.

Fortunately there has been a large take up by students in Independent Schools. If you have not signed the consent form for your Senior School student to be involved in the study and receive the first vaccination on June 22, please do so as soon as possible.

Indonesian Sister School

We are pursuing the formation of a sister school relationship with BCU, Sekolah Bina Cita Utama, a school in Central Kalimantan, Borneo. It is a school of approximately 150 students from Year 1 to 12 and all teaching is in English. The school is in the Indonesian part of Borneo and is located in the jungle. It has an environmental focus, actively working on the Orangutan Preservation project and permaculture as well as holding an Asia Pacific environmental student conference every year. This has potential to assist with the development of language and culture for our students studying Indonesian and also in working collaboratively on environmental projects. The teachers have already begun to Skype each other.

I visited the school between 15 and 19 May to assess the feasibility and safety of St John’s students and staff visiting the school. I will share my findings in the next newsletter.

Cheryl Bauer