We flourish in community

We flourish in Community is one of our values. Indeed, it’s the first on the list displayed on our home page! To complement this, in Middle School we have an unofficial core value of living beyond yourself – of thinking and acting with regard to what is also best for others.

Our school has a proud history of embracing this value, over many student-generations, across the sub-schools and in a wide range of ways.

Last weekend was another example of the need and appetite for meaningful community connection, and of the strength of ours. On Friday afternoon, the Middle School Captains and staff hosted a Mother’s Day afternoon tea. It was a delight to see so many young adolescents say thanks to their Mums and carers in a manner that was fitting for this stage of development. No grief from mothers that might sense those lovely primary years are gone had to be felt as we showed that we can still do these things – but in a Middle School way. Year 8 student Ciara Fahy provided the highlight with her beautiful singing and incredible talent and along with accompaniment from Lucy Steven’s Grandmother, the student poems and reflections and the many helpers, the event was a success for our community. Even the sun shone for that part of the day as we gathered outside the Chapel. The song guessing game was another winner – I personally enjoyed seeing the moment students observed their mother identifying a Nirvana song more readily than they and thereby having that crushing realisation that Mum was actually cooler than them!

Saturday night saw the Sports Centre and six Year 9 students and their families play host to a fundraising quiz night for the upcoming service and cultural learning journey to Vietnam. Many hours of planning, donation securing from local business, set-up and pack-up went into this event. Well, it paid off with an extraordinary turnout by our community of around 250 people! Needless to say, through this work and the generosity of the local businesses and players on the night, the boys have made more than they intended and all of this will go directly to the charities we support first-hand in Vietnam.

These are but two highlights of another big two weeks of community involvement by our school – as is the case every school week, many weeknights and most weekends. We do flourish in community, locally and globally, and I am grateful that students at St John’s and all of us associated with the school cannot help but be immersed in this culture. It is a point of difference for us and one that I trust you are proud of and toward which you will continue to make your contribution.


Ben Clark

Head of Middle School