Term 2 Update from the Principal

New Principal

I am delighted with the appointment of Richard Anderson as the next Principal of St John’s Grammar School. He is an exceptional educator, a respected leader in the educational community, and he is passionate about the future success of our School.

The Chair of the St John’s Grammar School Board, Mr Arndrae Luks, recently wrote an email to all in our community, explaining the recruitment process and the high calibre of applicants from across the state, the country and from overseas. If you did not receive this email, please contact Sarah Hegarty via email and she will forward it to you.

We will now commence the search for a new Deputy Principal / Head of Senior School, with advertisements scheduled for Saturday 13 May.

Holiday Works

During the term break, some major facility projects were completed. They include;

Replacement of drainage pipes adjacent to Ms Sharpe’s Year 3 classroom.

This is expected to resolve the flooding problem. As the children are settled in their classroom under the Gillian Clampett Hall, we do not plan to relocate them until Term 3. This will also allow us to monitor the room during heavy downpours of rain and ensure that water does not continue to seep into the classroom.

Landscaping around the Secondary Campus Staff Lounge and completing the paving between Retreat House, the Staff Lounge and the Pargeter buildings.

This landscaping has beautified this area, enhanced the frontage of the School and really assisted the movement of students and staff around the campus. This originally unplanned project became possible thanks to careful management of the Performing Arts Centre budget by our Property Manager. He successfully negotiated with the landscapers for this work to fall within the budget allocated for the surrounds of the Performing Arts Centre.

The landscapers will now move to the ELC precinct to pave another path behind the Rectory, completing the extensive work carried out over the Christmas holiday break.

Performing Arts Centre

The building works are progressing well and we are beginning to plan a Grand Opening, to be held on an evening in Term 3. We would like as many members of our community to join us in viewing the centre in operation, and witness its official opening. Our P&F committee will be part of this exciting event that I hope will be even bigger and better than the car park opening!

Cheryl Bauer