Fantastic learning opportunities for all year levels

As is often the case, the program in the Junior School has been busy and there have been some fantastic learning opportunities taking place. We speak a lot to the students about service as a form of leadership and the Year 4 students are currently undertaking a music project that services the community. We start the leadership journey early at St John’s at it has proven to produce some excellent leaders by the time the students are in Year 6.

Kalyra Memories Project

This Term, the Year 4 students have been working on a Memories project with residents from Kalyra- Belair Aged Care. Leading up to their Thursday morning Kalyra visits, the students have been working in Music lessons to research the history of music at given times in recent history. The students have then been buddied up with a resident and listen to music that the resident is familiar with. Laughter, discussion and dancing often proceed. This project is proving to be delivering positive benefits for both the students and residents and we thank Mrs Jenny Chapman, Mrs Vicky Mackenzie and Mrs Jane Fisher for their work on this highly innovative project.

Dream Big Festival

Several classes are attending performances as part of the Dream Big festival this year.  Year 6 are attending Frozen Girl, compiled by the Tutti Arts organisation and the Reception – Year 2 students will be attending Cubby Town and the Frozen Disco. The festival is always a wonderful showcase and inspiration for our students that are aspiring performers.

SAPSASA Cross Country 

On Friday 19 May, St John’s Grammar hosted both the Southern Heights and City South District Cross Country Carnival. This event was incredibly well organised by Mr Simon Laube and St John’s were well represented. A number of students were successful also finishing in the top ten. Those that finished in the top six will go on to  represent the school at State Cross Country day in a few weeks time. Congratulations to Jack Ellershaw who finished 5th in the Under 11 boys and Sienna Manser who finished 3rd in the Under 12 Girls. A big thank you to the St John’s P&F who catered for the event and did a roaring trade to feed hordes of cold and hungry runners and their parents.

The following student represented the school at SSAPSASA Southern Heights District Cross Country day;

U/10 Boys:

Lachlan Antic, Edward Elton, Mitch Case, Abe King, Josh Murphy

U/10 Girls:

Emma Robinson, Lily Hughes-Maddison, AJ Hennessy, Yuchen Sun

U/11 Boys:

Jack Ellershaw, Mack Porter-Wright Jack Lashchuk, Kieran Smith

U/11 Girls:

Annecy Morrison, Erin McMahon, Ella Behrndt, Ciara Hegarty

U/12 & 13 Boys:

Luke Wilkins, Tom Donaghey, Jet Dixon, Raff Miller, Patrick Shepherd, Rowan Barnett

U/12 & 13 Girls:

Sienna Manser, Poppi Bryans, Billie Sandercock, Emily Bell

Congratulations on their efforts!

60X microscope

As previously mentioned, St John’s Junior School have been fortunate enough to be working with phone labs and their Nature Connect initiative. This involved some parents and grandparents learning about how to use the 6Ox microscopes (microscopes that attach to a phone or device) and then teaching the Year 6 students how to use the microscopes in the Belair National park. The sessions were a great success with both Grandparents and students highly engaged in the process. We are currently looking at other opportunities to utilise this technology across the Junior School.

Nick Smith

Deputy Head of Junior School