Amazing projects kicking off the start of Term 2 in the Junior School

I hope you and your children were able to utilise the great weather during the holiday break but unfortunately Easter seems so long ago! Term 2 is a short one (9 weeks) but busy nonetheless.

Our Year 6s are embarking on a very interesting project with some of our grandparents. We were given some phone microscopes though an Aged Care initiative. These devices attach to mobile phones and IPads and have a magnification of X60. The Grandparents and parents who commenced the project undertook a brief introduction to the use of the microscopes by Dr Sivam Krish, an Education Innovator. We then utilised our beautiful National Park and explored flora and fauna to view under the microscopes. The engagement from our group was evident from the start and some of the results outstanding. A video, made by one of our participants, of ants devouring another bug X60 was akin to a horror movie or at least an episode from National Geographic. The next stage is for the grandparent group to on-teach these newly found skills to the Year 6 children to see the awe and wonderment they will find in our natural surrounds. They in turn will teach their Year 2 buddies. Engagement and its finest. Thanks to Joyanne Gardner and Nick Smith for organising this. Lots of amazing photos can be seen on our Facebook page here.

Our Year 6s returned from Canberra full of stories of the knowledge they gained and the fun they had. The school received a Certificate of Appreciation from Museum of Australian Democracy for the, “exemplary behaviour and conduct during their visit to the Museum.” I understand that they received similar verbal accolades wherever they went. So congratulation to all our Year Sixes and their teachers – and their parents!

We had similar responses and great behaviour from our Year 4s on their camp. Again, I thank them for their excellent behaviour and engagement. We greatly appreciate the staff and parents who supported the camp too.

NAPLAN is in full swing this week with our Year 3 and 5s undertaking these nation-wide standardised tests. Results will be available later in the year. While on testing, we find the assessments we undertake at the start of the year and then at the year’s end to be valuable in tracking the improvement our children achieve from their instruction and engagement throughout that particular year.

Terms 2 and 3 are the Winter terms where children from Year 3-6 wear their winter uniform with blazers. Blazers should be worn to and from school and for important occasions. Please note that the P&F now have a second hand uniform shop located at the Junior School. Times are published on our website.

Enjoy the wonderful sunshine while it lasts!

Finally – To all our wonderful mums and grandmothers we all wish you a great Mothers Day!

Frank Ali

Head of Junior School