Year 8 creativity project

A key component of the recent Yr 8 Cre-8 focus was the launch of the Ctrl+Alt+Design challenge. This individual innovation project provides an opportunity for students to combine a personal interest (a ‘passion project’) with school and the development of their creativity. This challenge will be peer assessed in Week 2 of Term 3, providing all students with plenty of time to thoroughly develop their projects and represents a contemporary learning experience, where students will need to critically evaluate and curate information from a range of sources.

Each student will work on a task that involves creativity and sustainability. Additionally, the projects will be assessed on their level of depth, challenge and understanding. Students will initially present their projects to their Home Group, with the best submissions then requested to present to a broader audience at the Ctrl+Alt+Design presentation evening in Week 3 of Term 3.

All students are encouraged to work with a mentor to complete their project that complements their own research. This might be a parent, extended family member or an expert in the selected field. The final product is expected to be the student’s own work.

Students have been provided with an information booklet which includes an outline of the challenge, as well as information about the creative process and how to construct their final presentations. Importantly, there is a timeline so students and staff can monitor progress. The vast majority of the project is to be completed in their own time, although check-ins at school will be scheduled at times during Term 2 to provide students with opportunities to share and plan their next steps.

Many students have excitedly begun the research phase and have already decided upon a project. Other students are still looking for inspiration. The options truly are limitless as we are aiming for students to broaden their thinking and to interpret the wealth of information available to them in new and innovative ways. The ability to create, adapt and innovate will be essential skills into the future.

Ben Clark

Head of Middle School