Upcoming P&F events - another packed term!

We are half way through the term, and I feel like the P&F have so many balls in the air… lots of events coming up, and so much organising to be done.

BBQ season at the Junior School is about to commence, and we have a new-look structure to organise them.  A core group of lovely volunteers, including Emma Donahey, Juliana Button, Iris Schuwirth and Kellie Desteno, are undertaking the ordering and food logistics, with support on the day provided by parents from an allocated class group.  The Swimming Carnival helpers will be year 6 parents, so please pitch in and lend a hand!

The first Cupcake Day is to be Thursday 16 March, with 1B, 3A and 5F taking their turn baking. Kirsty Curnow is our baking coordinator this year, so if you have any queries feel free to email them to me and I can forward them on.

Dads’ Night is Friday 17 March, 5.30-8.00pm at the recently-renovated ELC on Sheoak Road Belair. Cost is $25 and this covers three Pirate Life beers, and a gourmet hotdog and chips from Papas.  The creative team of Wayne Dixon, Frank Ali and Richard Anderson have a great night planned, so please pay online and come along!

I have been assured the renovations to the new Secondhand Uniform space will be under way this week, so hopefully it will be only another week or two and we can be open to the public! We are trying hard to be up and running before the end of term, as we know families will be keen to ‘shop’ prior to winter uniform in Term 2…

So we have lots going on at the moment – thankfully a long weekend to draw breath before the second half of the term flies past.  Keep your good ideas coming in, we definitely consider them all as we endeavour to put together a fun program of events to connect our great community, in amongst all the ‘jobs’!

Catherine Shepherd

Chairperson, Parents and Friends committee