Student academic results & curriculum achievement standards

Australian Student Academic Results

Recent media reports have reported negatively on Australian student performance in the OECD Program for International Student Assessment (PISA), saying that Australian student performance has declined.

This is only part of the story and not entirely true, because when the results of Australian Independent students are separated from all Australian school students it reveals that our students are:

  • 2nd in Scientific Literacy
  • 2nd in Reading Literacy
  • 6th in Mathematical Literacy.

More details are available here from AHISA.

We should be very proud of our students’ academic performance. They are motivated, working very hard to be their best and we have outstanding teachers who guide their learning very carefully.

Our focus on professional learning for teaching staff and on continual improvement across the school is essential for the success of our students.

Congratulations to students and staff at St John’s Grammar School.

Australian Curriculum Achievement Standards

This year all Australian schools are required to report against the Australian Curriculum Achievement Standards twice during the year for Reception to Year 10 students. Year 11 and 12 student reports will be against the SACE performance standards. This will mean that reports for students will look different and you could think that they are not doing as well, if you don’t take the time to understand the difference. Implementing this change in reporting is our 2nd Whole School Goal for 2017.

Achievement standards refer to the quality of learning demonstrated by students within a given subject and include the depth of understanding, extent of knowledge and sophistication of skill. These standards apply nationally and are documented as part of the Australian Curriculum. Achievement will be communicated using the A to E system that you are familiar with, but the interpretation is different. The learning standard of this national system embodies high expectations of learning achievement. To be awarded a “C” grade using these standards represents a significant achievement and indicates that students are competently meeting the expected standards for their age cohort. However, using the old familiar grade system most of us would understand a “C” grade to be just satisfactory. In reality the majority of the grades achieved by our students are As and Bs in the old system. Under the new system, these grades will be given to students who are demonstrating ‘good’ and ‘excellent’ achievement in relation to the standards.

In an effort to provide students and parents with as much information as possible our aim is to provide you with both the Australian Curriculum Achievement Standards grade and also ongoing information in Canvas that informs when students are excelling and when they are struggling. We will make it clear when it is a school grade and when it is an achievement or performance standard.

Cheryl Bauer