Junior School news, swimming carnival results and more!

Following on from Cheryl’s article on student performance – it may be obvious, but the difference in education today compared to 10 years ago is quite astounding. A very different world to when I was using nibbed pens with inkwells! Children are exposed to so much variety and opportunities that learning styles and interests are sure to be provoked. Flipped classrooms, guided inquiry, student agency are just some of the ways we work to excite children and stimulate their creativity. Hopefully schools won’t quash a child’s innovative juices through only teacher-directed lesson and standardised testing. Education should be – and is – much more than that. This is what makes our School-wide pedagogy of SOARING so exciting and relevant.

The Year 3-6 Swimming Carnival this year was again a resounding success. The organisation by Mr Laube was superb as usual and the help received by parents and staff made for another great event. The children behaved impeccably and the competition was fierce yet fun. Congratulations to Moffatt for winning. The following children are the age champions for 2017:

Age Champions

8/9 Boys: Joshua Jansen-Merlin – Moffatt

Runner-up: Oscar Birkett – Prince

8/9 Girls: Alyssa Smith – Halstead

Runner-up: Ella McDermott – Prince

10 Boys: Harry Behrndt – Gooch

Runner-up: Joshua Shepherd – Prince

10 Girls: Sienna O’Toole – Moffatt

Runner-up: Emily Curnow – Moffatt

11 Boys: Daniel Neve – Halstead

Runner-up: Jack Button – Halstead

11 Girls: Karpagha Ramanathan – Moffatt

Runner-up: Ella Behrndt – Gooch

12/13 Boys: Luke Wilkins – Gooch

Runner-up: Tom Donaghey – Halstead

12/13 Girls: Emily Bell – Gooch

Runner-up Billie Sandercock – Halstead

Year 6 Boys Champion: Luke Wilkins – Gooch

Year 6 Girls Champion: Emily Bell – Gooch

For the first time, our Athletics Day on Friday 31 March, will incorporate all the children from the Junior School, rather than just Year 3-6 so it promises to be a special day. Just a reminder that house t-shirts are not compulsory for this event.

Parent/Teacher Interviews are currently being organised and will provide you with the teacher’s view of your child’s early progress. 15-minute blocks have been allocated but feel free to organise another time if this is insufficient. Here is a copy of the email sent out last week with the booking instructions.

Thanks to all who came to the P&F Dads’ Evening last Friday. It was a very convivial and enjoyable night. Thanks go to Wayne Dixon, Neil McNish, Dan Paterson, Richard Anderson, Ben Clark and all the other helpers for organising it.

There is still so much happening in the last three weeks of this term – Year 6 Canberra Trip, Year 4 Hindmarsh Island Camp, Whole School Chapel Service (Palm Parade), Easter Service, ASO visit, to name a few!

We also would like to pass on our congratulations to ‘Miss Tash’ from the ELC and Jackson Shaw (Old Scholar 2009 – and Mr Shaw’s son!) on their recent engagement!

Jackson and Tash


Frank Ali

Head of Junior School