Formalising friendship

The F word is on everyone’s lips this week in Senior School land with our School Formal happening Saturday evening. Tracey Wilson and the Formal committee have spent countless hours preparing for this grand event which should be a sparkling affair of fashion, fun and photos!

I am more excited about what some of the Year 12 students have be doing to enhance our connections and friendships in our school. Many of them have started visiting the Junior School to work with Reception students in a range of learning activities. These senior stars have volunteered their own precious time to really add to the learning experiences of our youngest kids. Some of the Year 12s have been helping Middle School students in the classroom. This is outstanding! The recent Dress Up Day to raise money for the Chaplains Abseil was superbly supported by our Year 12s (and teaching staff!) who partnered up with their Year 7 buddies to come as well known duos, trios and band members. The School managed to raise over $5000 for Anglicare and an added bonus was that Fr Steve successfully scaled the 106m drop off the Intercontinental building last Friday!


On the table at the moment is a draft of a proposed structural change to student leadership, allowing agency to be more a part of leadership work and involving the interest of younger students. That draft is the work of our Year 12 leaders. A host of Year 12s nominated for the co-curricula captain positions for sport, a role where they take an active responsibility in developing younger players and promoting the sport across the whole school.

Buddy, mentor and coaching programs help in building relationships across year levels and this extra understanding and connections helps suppress the selfish and rude behaviours that can be evident in a young persons world. What our Year 12 students are doing is setting the standard and the long term impact of that is so valuable.

And yes…..I am looking forward to mixing it on the dance floor with these great young people on Saturday!

Richard Anderson

Deputy Principal and Head of Senior School