Changes to reporting procedures in the Middle and Senior Schools


As you are aware, we have recently introduced CANVAS as an e-platform for classes from Years 5 to 12. Part of the reason for this is that it provides you with continual access to your son or daughter’s schooling, particularly through being able to see the results of student assignments and tests. Thank you for the feedback we have received so far, and many of you have appreciated this aspect as a positive feature of the program.

This is a work in progress and we are encouraging staff to build their class sites and this form of continual communication, recognising that it is a very important form of communication in supporting students. However, the summative assessments reported at the end of each term in the Middle and Senior School serve a less immediate purpose and will be scaled back. We are in a transition period, as CANVAS becomes more of a standard means of communicating student progress, working towards a situation where semester summative reports will be available electronically through the school portal. We will also supplement this reporting with additional Parent Teacher evenings throughout the year.

At the end of this term there will be a mid-semester Parent Teacher Evening on the last Monday of term (April 10) for Middle School families. No formal summative report will be issued for Term 1. For students in the Senior School, a summative report of grades will be sent home by email and these reports will also be available on the school portal. There will be a Parent Teacher Evening for Senior School families on the first Monday of next term (May 1 – the student free day at the beginning of Term 2.) Details for both of these Parent Teacher Evenings will be sent in the next few weeks.

David Rawnsley

Director of Learning