Camp, creativity and collaboration

It’s been a typically busy and varied recent time indeed for our Middle Schoolers! Whilst Year 7 have been on aquatic camp at Hindmarsh Island and Year 8 have been engaging in their creativity-focused week ‘Year 8 Cre-8’, Year 9s have been part of a workshop focusing on life balance and developing healthy organisational habits at this crucial stage in development. This is a time in life when dispositions are formed for the adult years and so we aim to support our adolescents with the skills they’ll increasingly require in their life – and personal organisation is a significant skill.

Further to this, the Year 9 House Captains spent some time not long ago developing their leadership skill. They participated in a student leadership conference, held at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre, along with students from other local schools. This conference was practical with hands-on activities that allowed our young leaders to interact with fellow leaders from other schools and specialists in student leadership as they enhanced their understanding and competence across a range of areas. Foci included team leadership, public speaking, conducting meetings, motivating others and making events dynamic. They have returned to school more empowered to lead their peers as well as share their learning with other students interested in leading.

Year 8 Cre-8 has been a great success; with the underlying message being the importance, and applicability across all fields, of creativity to our future society. The students heard from guest speakers, engaged in a poetry slam, competed in Mr Eaton’s famous Chalkathon, learnt some approaches to creative work and began an individual innovation project. I trust your Year 8 child will be able to tell you all about it.

Similarly, I expect your Year 7 child will return with rich stories of challenge and personal growth from their camp and I will leave it to them to provide a personalised report.

On the topic of leadership and creativity, students have continued to respond to the invitation and opportunity to initiate student-led lunchtime interest clubs and the number and range is continuing to grow. Currently we have Girls’ Book Club, Warhammer Club and Board Game Club. Origami Club was operating however it folded!

Thank you for your continuing support of your children here in the Middle School.

Ben Clark

Head of Middle School