A wonderful start for the ELC!


ELC 2 ELC changes

What a wonderful and exciting start to 2017!

The Christmas holidays have been busy with building renovations, workers and tradespeople by the dozen.

I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all involved, and there have been scores of people involved. From our Property Manager, Business Support staff at Retreat House, Management and especially the ELC team and their families who were at school moving and sorting equipment and building new furniture in readiness for the Open House and new school year. We can all be proud of the new look ELC, with the 3-year-old children in the Rectory and the “old” ELC filled with excited 4-year-old children.

Please welcome the new staff, Mrs Penny Kerr, Mrs Bettina Abrams, Ms Tash Herr (Miss Tash), Mrs Anne Gacic and Mrs Noleen Stewart who have joined Mrs Sue Cullen, Mrs Kate Burns, Miss Fiona Richter, Miss Linda Salandra and me (Mrs Gay Illingworth).

Also a big thank you to the children who have adapted to the new routine with ease and transitioned into the new facilities without fuss.  We often reflect that our purpose and our focus is on the children, caring for each one as an individual, encouraging independence and starting each child on their own path of learning.

Gay Illingworth

ELC Director

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