Welcome to a busy P&F year!

Welcome back!  Hopefully you and your family are starting to settle back into the routines of school, and the many challenges this brings.  If you are new to our community, a very warm welcome to you and I hope you and your children have started to connect and make friends – we are a pretty social bunch, and the P&F do our best to provide opportunities to be involved and meet others.

As usual, we started our year in the manner we mean to go on with – the Welcome Drinks last Friday night.  We were blessed with superb weather, and over 100 people came to the Secondary Campus to have a few drinks and kick the year off.  Our wonderful Parent Choir performed a song, and (as far as I know) a good time was had by all.  If you were inspired by the fantastic sound from the choir and wish to join, please email director Jemma Allen.

The main feature of the first few weeks of school for me is the many Acquaintance nights – I try and get to as many as possible to introduce myself and plug the P&F plans for the year.  This year, short of cloning myself, I was only able to attend a few so we decided to make a short video instead – if you missed it, you can click on this link (apologies, it is a little amateur as it was a last minute idea!).

So our plans for Dads’ night, Mums’ night and (hopeful) launch of the new Secondhand Uniform space are under way, I will keep you posted…

Our next planned gathering is for the Parent Representatives in the Junior School on Wednesday 23 February at Felicity’s house in Craigburn Farm.  If you are interested in being involved in the P&F, but on a more local level for your class, please chat with your teacher about being a Parent Rep and we look forward to meeting you at the end of the month.

Catherine Shepherd

Chairperson, Parents and Friends committee