Leadership Development

This week we celebrated the newly formed Junior School Student Representative Council at Assembly. Our Year 6 classes have also been exploring these themes in RAVE.

Responsibility in leadership means accepting the duty to contribute to others and follow through on expectations.

You do not need a title to become a leader.

Leadership is about service.

These messages about how we display leadership and serveour school community are a big part of Year 6 and our Year 6 students have many opportunities to lead and show leadership in our school. Some of the opportunities our Year 6 students have to lead include;

  • Crossing monitors
  • Peer mediation
  • Ice block and pie sales, the money from this goes back to the school.
  • Running assembly
  • Helping organise sports carnivals
  • Cleaning up the play pod
  • Recycling
  • Buddy Program

We really find that when given responsibility our students go above and beyond to show leadership and be positive role models to other students. Our Personal development program that runs throughout the Junior School puts our Year 6 students in a good position to lead and serve others. From a young age students are instilled with our CARES (Courtesy, Awareness, Responsibility, Empathy and Service) values, these are displayed throughout the school but they are lived daily by the students.

House Captains

Last week the House Captains were voted for by both students and staff and each candidate was asked to prepare a speech to present to their House to explain why they would make a good House leader. The standard of presentation was very high and there were many unsuccessful candidates that would make fine leaders. Congratulations to all of the students that nominated themselves to be House Captain. It is never easy to take a risk and nominate yourself to your peers, the field was very strong and our school is in good hands as many of the unsuccessful candidates will be given other opportunities to demonstrate their leadership skills.

Congratulations to our House Captains. Next Tuesday our House Captains will be receiving their badges at assembly. The following students were voted  by their peers and staff to be house Captain;


Alice Moody & Raff Miller


Hannah Kelley & Hugh Johnston


Jet Dixon & Mia Handley


Amelia Desteno & Jack Button

GRIP Leadership

On Tuesday our eight house captains and four school leaders attended the GRIP Leadership conference at the Adelaide Convention Centre with 800 other Primary school leaders. The topics covered at the conference included

  • The 4 Expectations of Responsibility
  • Generating Ideas that are outside the Box
  • Turning Ideas into action

The students are going to share this information with the other Y6 students so that some of the great ideas about how we can make our school even better and serve our community can be actioned.

Acquaintance Nights

The Acquaintance Nights were a great success so I would like to take this opportunity to thanks our staff for running them and all the parents that attended. Building home school relationships is an imperative part of your child’s education and it is important to find out about your child’s class so that you can have informed discussions about what is happening in the classroom.

This year several year levels trialled videoing their information evening and sending it out to parents before the acquaintance night. This meant that the acquaintance night was a chance to get to know the teacher and ask any specific questions. It also meant that any parents that could not attend were well informed with information about what is happening in that year level.

Athletics Day

This year we will be including the Receptions to Year 2 in the athletics carnival. This is a great initiative by Simon Laube to develop house spirit amongst our students and get our whole school community involved in what is a spectacular day in the national park. You will find out more information about the day shortly.

R-2 parents please note that your children are not required to have house T-shirts for the upcoming R-6 Sports Day. They can wear PE or any T-shirt of their house colour. Some House T-shirts are available but the smallest size is 8.

Nick Smith

Deputy Head of Junior School