Fantastic beginnings in the Middle School

Welcome all families to our Middle School year for 2017!  I trust you have had a relaxing holiday period and the refreshment you gained form this time is proving helping at this busy moment in the year! The year promises to be a comprehensive, fulfilling and most enjoyable learning experience for our young adolescents.

I am so pleased to report that the beginning to the year in Middle School has been excellent. New students are working with their buddies as well as beginning to make some authentic friendships and each student I speak to is enjoying their Home Group and classes. Our new teachers to the school have made a genuinely positive impact and really contributed to the quality of the teaching team.

During this beginning of the school year, Middle School students have been asked to consider the phrase, ‘respect yourself’. They knew about the need to respect others in relation to school activities but I spoke of the importance of respecting themselves with their approach to learning. This can manifest itself in practices such as striving to be organised with the effective use of diaries/devices, bringing required materials to class, asking questions of their teachers and peers when requiring clarification, and speaking up when work tasks are too challenging or insufficiently so. The teachers here are the strength of the school and aim to personalise the learning as much as possible but need the students to also play their part in better realising this by communicating – by respecting themselves with regard to their learning.

Additionally, students have been encouraged to think about the reality of what they and their peers have available to them at school; fostering a sense of gratitude for this and an appropriate urgency to make the most of all opportunities.

If you were unable to make the Middle School Parent Information Night this week, the emphasis was on the wellbeing care provided to each student through our various structures and programs. Further to this, ongoing communication with home was strongly encouraged – with the demonstration of Canvas being part of this. Please continue to talk with your child about how school is going for them and keep Head of House informed of any relevant updates – both positive as well as anything to address. Thank you for your ongoing support of your child’s learning and the work we do here in Middle School.

Ben Clark

Head of Middle School