Changes in the Senior School for 2017

Welcome to all families to the start of the new school year!

In the Senior School we have used student and staff feedback to build on our educational experience for senior students. In 2017 there a few changes that are worth sharing;

  • We are introducing CANVAS to our school community. This Learning Management system provides an efficient, easily-navigated way of delivering and communicating course work and assessment results to students and parents. An information evening for parents of Senior School students will be held in the Sports Hall on Tuesday 28 February at 7pm.
  • Home Group in Senior School has been re-programmed. As a result of our student leaders consulting widely and meeting regularly last year, they proposed changes to what happens in the mornings. The changes allow for greater mentoring of students by staff and promotes more interaction between students. The added flexibility for our Year 12s is hoped to bolster the Year 12 /7 buddy program. The staff-student mentoring is well structured, adopts themes proposed by the students themselves. The first topic is organisation and we will show every student in the Senior School how to use Outlook and the CANVAS calendar to be effective schedulers and planners.
  • The Year 11 Life Coaching course will be done over two days at Retreat. This will help build continuity and momentum with this course. The materials are now online and by completing most of the program in Term 1 will mean that there is more time to nurture the relationship between Year 11 and 6 students.
  • The Explore and Soar week has added a new experience for Year 10s. Titled The SEA (South East Adventure), this trip includes two days kayaking the Glenelg River, followed by rock and boulder climbing at Mt Arapiles and a day caving at Naracoorte.
  • We have established a sports exchange with Hume Grammar, a new Anglican School in Melbourne. On the weekend of June 2-4 we are taking six teams (Volleyball, netball, soccer and basketball) to play matches against our new interschool friends, and attend some premier sporting matches at the MCG and Netball stadium on Saturday evening. A visit to some of Melbourne’s elite sporting facilities is also part of the itinerary. The trip is only for Year 11 and 12 students.

On top of all these changes, the School has introduced a Staff Feedback Initiative (Educator Impact) after a trial process last year. Staff will gather feedback from peers, students and through their own reflections to develop strategic and SMART goals in order to improve their capacities as educators.

In addition, we have also introduced a Leader Development Program (NESLI) which is a two-year initiative for 24 of our leaders across the school. HR Director Tina Dahms and myself will facilitate this Nationally Accredited program.

Lots of work, but lots to look forward to.

Richard Anderson

Head of Senior School and Deputy Principal