Canvas Calling

Many of you will have received notifications calling you to log in to CANVAS over this past fortnight.

CANVAS is a new program we are implementing from Years 5 to 12. It provides a software platform for each class where teachers and students can access resources, discussions, announcements, assignments, assignment and test results, and a consolidated calendar of all due dates for each student. When students log on they will see each of the classes for which they are enrolled. As parents you will be able to see aspects of each of your children’s classes.

My intention had been to give staff a couple of weeks to set up the online classes with their students before inviting parents to login and view the sites. However, the announcements are automatically sent to parents and many of you have received them. This afternoon you will have your login and instructions on how to obtain your password, so that you can join students in seeing information contained in their classes. We are aiming to build our communication to parents and this platform provides you with an opportunity to view courses, to be able to see due dates for homework and assignments, and to receive continual reports of any assessments.

When you receive the login details you will have the ability to change the notification settings to receive as few or as many of the notifications as you like. You will also have the ability to change or add additional email addresses for the notifications.

We hope that you will bear with us as we set up this program over this semester for classes. Our minimum expectation is that we will provide a continuous report of marks received from tests and assignments. However, staff will continue to add to the sites and to build their skills in developing the platform. We are excited in its potential and hope that you will enjoy the benefits too.

David Rawnsley

Director of Learning