Farewell Mr Napes!

Andrew Napier leaves St John’s after a decade of wonderful service and dedication to a school he loves. Andrew has for the most part of that time been the Head of Gooch House and has been instrumental in managing the schooling lives of hundreds of senior students. He has been a superb Science teacher and inspired plenty of students to pursue careers in Biology and Genetics. Andrew has also been a terrific sports coach. His love of football has seen him coach many school teams, take two senior teams to grand final success and more recently he has been pivotal in the growth of girls AFL in the school. He leads a fit and active lifestyle and is adventurous and spirited and that’s what makes him such a popular part of our school.

Andrew’s love of technology and his intuitive knowledge of using it well, has steered him towards a new career direction. He will work with a company that develops on-line educational courses and already he has been successful in developing programs for a number of learning and sporting organisations.

Napes, as the kids affectionately nicknamed him, loves young people. If you ask him what he teaches, he always replies “great kids”. He relishes being involved in school life and was a regular volunteer for the myriad of activities and experiences. He loved the camps, the Retreats and would always be the first to put his hand up for teaching demonstrations, orientation activities and task groups. Such was his appetite for being involved I sense that this great teacher will not be away from schools for too long. He is a gifted, natural and loving educator.

Andrew, along with the Senior School Heads of House, formed a powerful united team, instrumental in the on-going changes that shape our current senior operations. He always has ideas and, to his absolute credit, always showed positive support for other insights and plans. He was the ultimate team player. In my absence Andrew has stepped up to be acting Head of senior School and did that with distinction.

The school will miss him dearly. The reins of Gooch have been passed onto Isobel Grear and I am sure she will consolidate all those endearing characteristics that he has embedded in the Gooch House culture. I personally want to thank him for his outstanding contribution to senior school life, for being a wonderful colleague and friend. On behalf of the entire school community and the vast numbers of old scholars who loved working alongside this great man, we say farewell Napes and all the best for your new career venture.

Richard Anderson

Head of Senior School