2016 reflections from the Junior School

As with most years’ reflections include tears and fears, laughter and cheers and we certainly have had our share of all of these. Unfortunately, too many tears for my liking.  Staff are getting to the age when their parents are often ailing and some have passed away – always sad moments and times. When young members of the School community pass away –  it is tragic. The way a community responds can often be indicative of the true sense of community, a term often bandied around schools. Nick Antic’s passing and the subsequent funeral and celebration of his life where some five hundred plus attended highlighted the work Nick did for his profession, for the community and his loving family. What was also evident was the great support St John’s families gave and are giving Corinne and her family. That is what true support is – the essence of CARES and that in which we believe. Our deepest sympathies and continued support and love to Corinne, Charlie, Lachie, Holly, Vicky and Raoul. A great man, who will always be remembered.

Those of us lucky enough to see our dancers perform at the End of Year Concert, were treated to a first-class production of dance, music and a kaleidoscope of colour and excitement. Ms Carla is an amazing dance teacher and the children (spanning Year 1 – Year 12) were superb. I think the Music is Fun Band that performed in our Hall recently were pretty popular too!

This is also an opportunity to thanks our Year 6s for providing such excellent leadership in the Junior School especially our Leaders, Lila, Tyson, Nithha and Christopher. All our SRC reps as well have provided a voice for our classes and raised money and more importantly awareness of great causes. To the children leaving our campus and/or school we thank you for your contributions and wish you well for the future.

To all our families who have supported us throughout 2016, the staff of the Junior School thank you and wish you a Happy and joyous Christmas and a happy New Year. And we look forward to another exciting year in 2017.