To the Class of 2016

The most popular career choices that you have made are nursing, teaching, health, law and engineering.  It centres on your obvious desire to help people. You all seem destined for vocations that are about working in the interests of others or with others. It’s hardly surprising given your track record of school of leadership, volunteering, peer mentoring and service. You have been Red Cross contributors, Cancer Council Ambassadors, Student2Student mentors and AWARE leaders. It has been most impressive that, as a cohort, you have not stopped being excellent service role models providing younger students with the inspiration to follow in your footsteps.

One of the School’s objectives is to nurture graduates who not only generate successful pathways to further learning, but also with a quest to serve. In fact – it goes a bit further than that. We want our school leavers to be future community builders, who feel a responsibility to be active citizens and social justice advocates. When you consider all those House activities, Chapel services and classroom lessons that you have been involved in, with that fundamental message of looking after others, you could argue that you have been indoctrinated with this mission. St John’s Grammar has worked to put the value of community in the forefront of your thinking. All of this has resonated with the Class of 2016, which is a credit to you all. May you continue on this character building journey.

Mixed in all of this has been your obvious sense of fun. You are a spirited lot, always seeing the brighter, funnier side of life. Year 12 can be demanding at times and overwhelming. You have seemed to bounced back quickly from those troughs and often tackled these times with humour and with a “it’ll be Ok on the day” attitude. Importantly you have rallied behind each other and I trust that those close friendships that you have forged remain for a long period of time.

On a personal note, I have felt a special bond with this group, just as many of your teachers have as well. We would all hope that you stay connected with your school and remember it as a place full of wonderful experiences. If my predictions are correct, I am hopeful of some quality care in my old age from some talented, dedicated doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and chiropractors!

Love and Best Wishes

Mr Anderson