Special guests in the Senior School

Our last Even Wednesday event was staged this week. Year 10 students have enjoyed hearing from a series of health experts over the year on issues about sleep, diet, drugs and alcohol, sexual health, psychology, stress and self-image. Our final special guest was Drug and Alcohol Educator, Kerryn Redpath, who shared her personal story about the world of drugs and the impact drug abuse has on the wider community. Her message is very clear about how soft drugs serve as the gateway to drug addiction and she does not hold back in revealing the carnage and irreversible damage drugs can do on young lives and families.


Kerryn speaking to our Year 10 students

The Year 11 students were presented their Coaching Certificates, in recognition of the completion of the Growth Coaching International accredited course. We are the first school in Australia to trial the program. The students have tackled a range of topics including emotional intelligence, communication, goal setting, positive psychology and relationships. Skills have been developed in asking solution focussed questions and helping younger students turn their aims into goals, action plans and habits. Joining us for the presentation was the new Coach of the Adelaide Crows Women’s AFL team, Bec Goddard. Bec spoke enthusiastically about the growth aspect of coaching and pinpointed goal setting, staying positive and taking ownership of your destiny as keys to success.


Bec Goddard with our girls AFL team

In 2017 we plan to continue with the well-being series for both Year 10 and 11 students with 16 experts in the fields of health and personal growth agreeing to be part of this exciting program. The Coaching will be done over two days at Retreat in Term 1 and gives us a wonderful opportunity to extend our buddy system with our Year 6 students.

Richard Anderson