From the P&F

Thankfully, the P&F are starting to wind down for the year – we are all ready to shift our focus to our own families as we head into the most socially hectic couple of months in the calendar.

Our final fund-raising ‘fling’ is the Kytons Christmas Goodies, and we urge you all to take a look at their freshly baked offerings. If nothing else, it may save you some time in the Christmas baking efforts! This year you have two options to place an order – either fill out the paper order form and take it with money into the reception offices, or you can order online through Flexischools. We need orders in by Friday 25 November, ready for delivery Wednesday 7 December.

I think one of the best parts about leading the P&F committee is making decisions about how we can best use the funds we raise to add value to our school community.  Sometimes there are capital works projects on the go that we are able to hasten or improve by contributing some money, and at other times we are able to identify a worthy cause that may well go mostly unnoticed. This week, we presented the hard-working Lara Jones from our Junior Campus – with a coin counter. Lara is a fantastic support to all of our families in the Junior school, and somehow creates calm order amongst what could very well be complete chaos as she dispenses Band-aids, bus passes, messages and phone calls with a smile. Somehow she also manages to count and bank vast amounts of coins from ice block sales, cupcake days and P&F fund-raisers, and we are very grateful for this service. We thought the investment in a coin counter might simplify at least a small part of her job, and consequently help preserve Lara’s sanity for many more years to come!


Please feel free to email the P&F with any suggestions you may have as we are beginning to plan for 2017!

Catherine Shepherd

Chairperson, Parents and Friends Committee