2017 orientation and staffing updates from the Junior School

I recently read an article on resilience and it struck a chord. Resilience is described by the experts as the ability to cope and thrive in the face of negative events. It could also be unforeseen events. Resilient children often show the attributes of socially competence, optimism, a sense of purpose and hope for the future, attachment to family, to school and learning. They also have problem-solving skills, effective coping styles a sense of self advocacy and a sense of agency and responsibility. Student agency is something that is emerging as an area of focus in the school across all age groups and you will learn more about this in time.

Orientation morning potentially can be a problem for children’s resilience but it seems not this year. New class settings can be a time when this may cause concern for children. Not getting a friend in the same class, being with a teacher with which they are not familiar can be examples.  I know the staff work very hard at getting the right mix for classes so either they nailed it or children are becoming more resilient. Parental support has been excellent too so I think it is a combination of all these things. Well done to all! We look forward to the Reception Transition program over the coming weeks to welcome our youngest children to this campus.

Our Junior Primary School Sports Day held last week was a fantastic day. Simon Laube organised tabloid activities for all our children and they loved them! Our School Leaders and House Captains were superb in manning the stations and supporting the children in their fun activities. And thanks to all our families for coming out in droves to see the delight the children experienced.

We are also thrilled to welcome Holly Neilson to our staff in 2017. She has experience in several schools in Adelaide including St Ignatius College, St Peters Girls and Pembroke. She will quickly endear herself to our community as a teacher of excellence. She will be the Year 2 teacher replacing the retiring, Alison Sutcliffe. We congratulate these three teachers. Additionally, we are very happy to inform you that staffing is nearly complete in the Junior School. Jan Porter will continue in Reception for 2017 and will again form the very strong and talented Reception team. Lisa Lambourne will also continue as one of our Year 2 teachers. We are so happy we could keep her services.

We have finally had a glimpse of spring so hopefully our winter blues are over.

Frank Ali

Head of Junior School