News from the Junior School

Where has the year gone! Teachers are already organising classes for next year and there is only two weeks to go before our Orientation Morning commences. For those unfamiliar with the day all our children and children new to the school will be allocated their classes for 2017. As indicated earlier this allocation process is not simple, as the complex needs of individuals is taken into account hence why we ask that any extenuating circumstances get discussed prior to this day. If teachers are known by then children will get to meet them and spend some time with them and their new classmates. Your positive response to class placements will set your children up for a happy and successful year.

We were thrilled to welcome two new children to our community this term. Ivan Gao has commenced in Year 6C this term and Hannah Garnett in Year 5F. Both have settled well so thanks buddies, Jack and Alice! Mrs Knox is taking some Long Service Leave and Sue Dobie is taking her place. Sue has worked here before in several classes and in the Library also.

Usually the last Saturday of the holidays is an opportunity for our staff to relax and mentally prepare themselves for the busy term ahead. Thirteen of our teachers and Student Support Staff gave up this day to attend a very important workshop on Dyslexia and Literacy. They were shown strategies that will assist all our children. I thank them for being so generous with their time to ensure the children in their care have the best possible opportunities.

By the time you read this we would have just completed our Music Concert at Elder Hall. So look out for a report in the next newsletter.

Speaking of good times, the JP Fun Day went ahead last Friday despite the weather. This certainly did not stop the children and their families (and staff) having a great time mud and all. Thanks JP team.

You would know by now that Alison Sutcliffe has announced her retirement after 32 years with us. A significant and appropriate farewell will be held on the last Tuesday of the term. More details to come.

Plenty more activities and fun times ahead with much more sunshine!

Frank Ali

Head of Junior School