From the P&F


Well, Term 4 is here at last, and I am sure it will be a slippery slope to Christmas – I always find this term flies past, with lots of social and extracurricular activities.

The P&F did organise the BBQ for the planned JP Fun Day on the last day of Term 3 – sadly, with the wild weather it was cancelled but we went ahead with providing the R-2s a BBQ lunch. Big thanks to Kellie Desteno and Emma Donahey who came to cook the BBQ, and to Anne McLinden and Sue Johnston who helped out also. There might not have been much Fun for the kids, but thanks to these fantastic volunteers the kids still had their BBQ lunch – hooray!

We ran a Secondhand Uniform Sale again in the holidays, and it was very well received. Lots of items were delivered to be offered for sale on the day, and we had plenty of happy customers so a successful day all round. If your items were sold and you haven’t collected your envelope, please do so ASAP. We have sorted uniform back into alphabetical order, so if you would like your items back to sell privately, please email us and I can organise to drop it in to either the Junior or Secondary offices. We are still in the process of designing a catalogue of the items we have, so we are better able to match buyers and sellers.  We are also in the process of installing cupboards into a space at the Junior School so we can set up a permanent ‘home’ for Secondhand Uniform – hopefully I will be able to release details before the end of the term.

We also had the opportunity to provide morning tea for all the teachers and staff on World Teachers Day, celebrated last Wednesday. I am sure you all agree these people really work hard to give our children the best educational experience they can – after all, that is why we are all here! We felt it very appropriate that we use some P&F funds to express our thanks on behalf of all the parents and friends, and I think the gesture was much appreciated.

The community lottery is now finished. Unfortunately St Johns didn’t have any winners this year, but thanks to the 61 families who sold tickets as we were able to raise an amazing $1220 for the school. Well done!

We also organise commemorative pavers at this time of the year – particularly special for those in Year 6, graduating from Junior School, and those in Year 12 who are on the verge of leaving St John’s. If you are interested in leaving behind a memento of your time with the school, you will find the order form here on the website.

The P&F are now starting to plan for 2017, and would love to hear from you if you have some suggestions for events or fundraisers. We are yet to decide on a ‘major’ event for the year, so now is the time to put in your two cents worth…

Catherine Shepherd

Chairperson, Parents and Friends