Exams on the doorstep...

So here we are almost at the end of the road for Year 12. The sunny days always seem to be coupled with exams on their doorstep. Many Year 12 students in their rooms, swotting and studying – the only ‘tan’ they may get is from the reflective light of their screens.

As a Year 12 parent or carer, how are you going? You too, are also at the end of or more accurately at the fork of the road. I believe it is far more important to think about all the things you’ve done to help them get through so far.  Surprisingly they may not be too aware of this wisdom.  Maybe some of these skills of getting through may resonate;

  • Endless scars on your tongue – from biting it.
  • Far too many nights when you stacked the dishwasher or did the dishes after a long day at work.
  • Providing endless free transport
  • Taking that leap-of- faith if they have their P plates
  • Wondering how many more times you’ll hear “Don’t you realise I’m doing Year 12?”

If they’ve turned 18 taking some time to acknowledge what you’re proud of in them, maybe with embarrassing child hood memories is valuable. This pride is often a legacy of what you’ve tried to pass on from your decades on this planet.

I came across this article last week from the reach-out website and my guess is you’ve done most of this, I liked the fact that they included parents.

My guess is, you could add the creative things you’ve done, sweated over and hopefully are getting through with your Year 12 child.

All the best for this rite of passage.

Carolyn Markey

School Counsellor