News from the Junior School

By Amanda Bertschinger,

Where has the year gone! Teachers are already organising classes for next year and there is only two weeks to go before our Orientation Morning commences. For those unfamiliar with the day all our children and children new to the school will be allocated their classes for 2017. As indicated earlier this allocation process is  … Read more

From the P&F

By Amanda Bertschinger,

Well, Term 4 is here at last, and I am sure it will be a slippery slope to Christmas – I always find this term flies past, with lots of social and extracurricular activities. The P&F did organise the BBQ for the planned JP Fun Day on the last day of Term 3 – sadly,  … Read more

Exciting ELC developments for 2017

By Amanda Bertschinger,

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, 2017 will see some exciting developments for our youngest learners. The St John’s Grammar Early Learning Centre will be expanding its program offering to full-day sessions, from Monday – Friday, for both our 3 year-old and 4 year-old programs. We understand that families have a range of  … Read more

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Educating students to have a positive online footprint

By Amanda Bertschinger,

Last term I wrote on student use of ICT, and of our students developing and employing contemporary skills as a core component of their education; including the Surface Pros allowing for greater scope with their learning than ever before – with collaboration, communication, critical thinking on information and creation in relevant and new ways. I  … Read more

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A changing approach to discipline

By Amanda Bertschinger,

We all appreciate that students learn best in engaging environments that are also orderly. However, all children are different and they respond to discipline and these environments in different ways. Most of the disruptive behaviour at our school is of a very low level, and for some time we have relied on strategies that deter  … Read more

Exams on the doorstep…

By Amanda Bertschinger,

So here we are almost at the end of the road for Year 12. The sunny days always seem to be coupled with exams on their doorstep. Many Year 12 students in their rooms, swotting and studying – the only ‘tan’ they may get is from the reflective light of their screens. As a Year  … Read more