Building bridges with Adelaide's Indonesian Community

Buat Jembatan Masyarakat Indonesia di Adelaide

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As part of our focus in Indonesian this year, we have been focused on developing, building and maintaining relationships with the Indonesian community in Adelaide and beyond. We met Pak Bobi and a group of English Teachers from West Timor in May when they volunteered their time to come up to St John’s Grammar, meet with our students and nongkrong with our stage 2 class. This week we had the opportunity to visit them at the beautiful Flinders University Pendopo to continue to build our relationships and enjoy speaking Bahasa Indonesia. This time the Stage 1 class joined us and we met other members of the Adelaide Indonesian Community. Students played language games, sang traditional Timorese songs and conversed about a range of topics in Indonesian.

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The immersion experience was invaluable for the confidence and development of our student’s language development as well as providing an authentic experience using their language skills outside the formal language classroom setting. Through this relationship, our students are beginning to see that their language skills are advanced enough not only to communicate but also to make real connections, learn about one another and each other’s cultures.

Jenny Bartold