Building bridges with Adelaide’s Indonesian Community

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Buat Jembatan Masyarakat Indonesia di Adelaide As part of our focus in Indonesian this year, we have been focused on developing, building and maintaining relationships with the Indonesian community in Adelaide and beyond. We met Pak Bobi and a group of English Teachers from West Timor in May when they volunteered their time to come  … Read more

Building independence at the ELC with routines

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The National Early Years Learning Framework, Belonging, Being and Becoming explains that children develop a foundation for future success in learning when following the outcomes of the framework. The framework helps our children develop a strong sense of identity, wellbeing and can become confident and involved learners. At the Early Learning Centre this term we  … Read more

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We all admire acts of bravery. Our current overdose of Olympics has beamed courage to us nightly on our TVs. Athletes overcoming the odds – and the world’s best talent – to be triumphant. There are those events where athletes have not been victorious and shown remarkable bravery in dealing with defeat. School is a  … Read more