Ctrl+Alt+Design = Creativity in the Middle School

What would you do if you were asked to create anything you wanted? If you had the opportunity to study whatever interests you? The only catch would be that you can’t produce something that already exists.

In Term 1, we asked the Year 8 students this exact question during Creativity Week. After carefully selected activities, we launched the inaugural Ctrl+Alt+Design challenge.
So what did they do? They stepped up to the challenge. They followed their passions and interests and achieved amazing results. They made themselves, their parents and their School proud!

We live in a world where access to information is ubiquitous. This challenge encouraged students to broaden their learning horizons and use any contacts they wanted to develop their project. Students utilised a range of the following sources: Parents, industry professionals, teachers, web searches, YouTube and even contacted international organisations such as Adidas and Nike to see if they could get some advice. It was a truly 21st Century learning experience.

Projects ranged from interior design projects, sustainable energy, sustainable fashion, guides for the vision impaired, initiatives to care for the elderly, website design, movie making, new furniture, creative writing, new sports, new sports shoes, healthy eating options – the list goes on. After all, there were almost 100 innovative and new ideas on display.

At the end of a fascinating Presentation Evening, there could only be 5 winners. It is fair to say that many more students could have found themselves in the top 5, such was the high quality of the students presenting. Make no mistake that the students selected to be acknowledged were well deserving. The Congratulations go to:

  • Lucy Collier – Creativity Award
  • Oliver Douglas – Sustainability Award
  • Scott Tiller – Innovation Award
  • Sebastian Deverson – People Choice award
  • Will Gray – Overall winner

In a world that has rich and easy access to information, it’s becoming less about what you know, but how you interpret, analyse and create something with the information available. Well done to the 5 thoroughly deserving winners. Year 7 students – start thinking about your ideas for next year’s Ctrl+Alt+Design challenge!

Shawn Kasbergen
Head of Middle School