Rite Journey Calling and Departure Ceremony

Friday 14 February marked a significant occasion for our Year 9 students as we held the first two of seven ceremonies for The Rite Journey. The program is designed to guide students on their progression from childhood into young adulthood.

The ‘Calling’ ceremony is an invitation to participate in the program. It is also a chance for parents or caregivers and their participating children to share and express their gratitude for a fulfilling, exciting and meaningful childhood experience. It is also the point where they are ‘Called’ by their teachers to participate in the Program and take the first steps into becoming a Young Adult.

For the ‘Departure’ ceremony, the parents and students approached their Rite Journey teacher to give their blessing to participate in the program this year. This was preceded by a communal balloon release, officially launching the initiative. Attached to each balloon was a card, where each student listed a behaviour they wish to ‘let go’ of as they enter young adulthood and on the reverse side was a message of love or support from the parents.
I have included two beautiful recounts of the morning, one from a parent’s perspective and one from a student – both of whom explain in perfect detail the emotive events of the morning and the inherent symbolism in each component.

I do wish to offer my personal thank you to all the students and parents who supported this event, even with the change of venue and early start! Equally, my thanks are extended to the staff who gave their 100% commitment to ensure the morning ran smoothly.

Be sure to watch the video of the balloon release!