Students from Years 8 to 10 who choose Music as an elective subject form classes of vertical year levels. Students enter the 8/9Music program from a variety of backgrounds and this approach allows the meeting of each student's specific needs and abilities.

St John's Grammar offers  vertical grouping and, in many cases, accelerated programs, for students in senior years to the completion of the SACE Stage 2 course. These courses consist of assessment in solo and ensemble performance, composition and arrangement, musicianship and individual study.

St John's Grammar School offers students the opportunity to experience professional performances, which may be staged at the School or to an outside audience. Performances are selected on the basis of the value to the child's educational development, and highlight the enjoyment that live performance offers.

Elaine Balfour Ogilvy Scholarship

The Elaine Balfour Ogilvy Scholarship is for girls who are planning to enter Year 12 next year; who attend an Anglican School. More information is available here about how to apply.

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Junior School News

On behalf of the Junior School we wish everyone a relaxing holiday break and hope you get then opportunity to spend some quality time with your children.

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Football: the beautiful game

Football (that’s the round-ball type) can be accused of all sorts of dramatic embellishment.

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Citizenship at St John's Grammar

St John’s has many projects in the pipeline for the remainder of 2014, and a tremendous energy given towards raising awareness of community service issues, hands on support and fundraising.

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ICT parent information night

Communication and collaboration are alive and well in our classes and many of these tools are being used across the curriculum to best engage our students.

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When is my child ready to learn?

Would you like to know more about how children learn in a Montessori, play-based centre? Can we offer you ideas or answer questions about your child’s readiness for literacy and numeracy?

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From the P&F

A big thank you to our school community for supporting the activities of the P&F. We look forward to the Gala Ball, Dads Night and Father’s Day Stall next term.

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