Students from Years 8 to 10 who choose Music as an elective subject form classes of vertical year levels. Students enter the 8/9Music program from a variety of backgrounds and this approach allows the meeting of each student's specific needs and abilities.

St John's Grammar offers  vertical grouping and, in many cases, accelerated programs, for students in senior years to the completion of the SACE Stage 2 course. These courses consist of assessment in solo and ensemble performance, composition and arrangement, musicianship and individual study.

St John's Grammar School offers students the opportunity to experience professional performances, which may be staged at the School or to an outside audience. Performances are selected on the basis of the value to the child's educational development, and highlight the enjoyment that live performance offers.

Wage Peace

It has been a tumultuous time for so many in our world.

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Collaboration at the ELC

What a great start for the mid year intake for children new to Monti and Preschool!

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Student sporting dreams being realised!

Commonwealth Games and World Basketball Championships success by current and old scholars: if this is a future dream, nominate for summer sport now.

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Essential reading for our Junior School music makers

Important dates for the concert choirs, Year 5 band, Year 3 Strings, students undertaking individual music tuition and information regarding music opportunities outside of school.

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Subject Choices for 2015

Over the next few weeks students who are currently in Years 7-11 will be asked to choose their elective subjects for 2015.

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The Journey to Vietnam 2014

At the centre of the experience, St John’s is fortunate to have forged partnerships with a range of key organisations over the last six years.

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Another busy P&F term!

The highlight of this term and in fact the year is the St John's Grammar Gala Ball!

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