The academic curriculum is broad and challenging. Students are able to complete the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) and undertake Vocational Education and Training (VET) pathways.

The academic curriculum comprises a comprehensive selection of electives in Year 10, and over twenty subjects for SACE Stage 2 (Year 12). Our Year 12 students are treated differently from all other students. They are allocated a Study Day once a fortnight, a number of study lessons during the week, and, within policy guidelines, are entitled to attend school only for their lessons, some of which commence at 8.00 am.

Many foreign languages can be studied from Year 10. We have a relationship with the South Australian Secondary School of Languages (SASSL) where students can choose a language and be taught in a 3 hour lesson once per week from 4.30pm, at an offsite location. Students who choose to do this may study one less subject from our curriculum, or treat it as an extra subject. If this is of interest, an appointment can be made with the Director of Learning to discover all of the details.

While the majority of our students will progress to university, or some other form of tertiary education, some will pursue other pathways. At St John's Grammar opportunities exist for combining study at school with a work placement, or TAFE enrolment. A number of students take up this option from Year 10, while playing a full role in the life of the school, and in House activities. All Year 10 students take part in Workplace Practices and a Work Experience placement.

Our senior students are actively encouraged to continue their involvement in sport, and other co-curricular activities. We believe that by providing these opportunities our young adults grow in school spirit, teamwork, maturity, independent thinking and in social responsibility. At the same time they develop loyalty to their school, and to their peers.

The School embraces learning pedagogies which emphasise both independent and collaborative learning in real contexts, imbued with focuses on reflection and creativity, which develop learning-to-learn skills in students and enhance students taking responsibility for their learning.

P&F Round Up

The Spring Fair event is a fantastic opportunity to partake in the community aspect of our school.

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Junior School Music

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APY Trip Report

Once again our students showed themselves to be exemplary in the way that engaged with the people at Pipalyatjara and the way they represented our community.

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Term 2 Wrap Up

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Ever Thought of Being an Exchange Student?

Participating students are given an experience which helps them grow immeasurably through these exchange opportunities.

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Where do you get your information?

“Here is this huge, lovely garden. Go and enjoy every bit of it. Just steer clear of this one spot, a tree, which contains knowledge that is probably too much information for you at the moment.”

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