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Our emphasis in these final years of school is on character development, academic rigour and leadership. There are no special welcoming gates that open up to a separate senior campus. The Senior School is deliberately integrated within the entire Secondary Campus. Our senior students are wonderful role models to our younger students and we want them in the middle of all that is school life. Senior schooling is very much about leadership.

There are, however, some distinct features and characteristics of senior schooling.
In Year 10, students begin to refine their career aspirations and undertake two Stage 1 subjects which are focussed on career and work education (Workplace Practices) and identifying strengths, interests and personal development (Personal Learning Plan). Students will narrow their elective choices to pursue subjects of strength and interest with many being trials for further SACE studies. Many students will tackle Stage 1 subjects in Year 10 (for example: Maths Studies, Japanese, Indonesian, Music, Media Studies and Design Technology). The Year 10 program also opens up opportunities to extend their thinking about self and others with numerous travel options and the Citizenship project. This project demands that students commit to raising awareness, support and funds for a service organisation of their choice.    

Year 11 is the year of leadership. In this year our school leaders are elected (School Captains, House Captains, Co-Curricula captains and AWARE leaders). School trips to local, national and international destinations provide wonderful opportunities for growth. In Year 11 students launch into their SACE studies and get the opportunity to tackle the Stage 2 Research Project. Many students will study a Stage 2 subject in this year, giving them vital insights into what is involved in their final year of study.

Year 12 is a special year for our students. Highlights include the Retreat, Formal and Graduation celebrations. Regular workshops and meetings help steer the group towards excellent results. While their focus is on achieving their best, our Year 12 students remain heavily involved in school life. They play leadership and mentoring roles in our bands, ensembles, choirs and drama productions. They are pivotal is helping our sports teams thrive.

They are buddies for our Year 7 students, supporting their transition into the Middle School. Some flexible hours and teaching approaches allow students to successfully manage their demanding schedules.  All students are guided and supported in selecting pathways to further study or work.

Our Senior School provides opportunities for an ideal transition for our young adults towards further independence as future good citizens and leaders of society, who care for others, who willingly give to others, and who care for the environment and the future. They know and learn what it means to be a team player and have developed a strong sense of community by the time they depart the school gates.  Their education is provided by caring, passionate and committed staff who themselves embrace a culture of continuous learning.


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